2018 You can still get the powerful ES-6400 Whole House Fan

QuietCool was the first to offer this model. They discontinued it in 2017. It used 2 of their 3200 CFM fans connected at the ceiling for this air flow. As you can imagine, any company can connect two or more small fans to make a large one. Only QuietCool did this apparently so that they could appear to have the highest performance model in the industry.

They used the term ES for energy saver because they used a modern EC (electronically commutated) brushless DC motor.

Thorwaldson  has a breakthrough in air flow Рthe Tornado ES-6400 that pulls 6,320 CFM with just one motor and one blade in a 20 inch diameter throat. This new design offers you an integrated butterfly damper (seen at the back of the assembly) and the new EasyUP hanging bracket. The picture below is of an installation in Temecula at a home that is rented. The Tornado has wireless control so it does not need to be wired into the rented home and can be removed any time.

For more on Thorwaldson see http://www.ThorwaldsonWholeHouseFans.com

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